Q: What configuration does the phone need to install the app?

A: Android phone system version needs to be above Android 4.3, while the iphone system above ios 9.0


Q: What camera/video mode does the camera support? What kind of scene is it suitable for?

A: Support time-lapse photo, continuous photo, time-lapse photo, time-lapse video, loop video and slow-motion video, suitable for frequent life photography, travel photography, car driving record instrument, extreme challenge sports, diving, bungee, riding the mountain bike and other scenes.


Q: Does the camera have any requirements for the SD card?

A: Seabird camera external storage (Micro SD card) has a maximum support space of 128G, and the storage capacity is larger. The seabird camera has a requirement for the writing speed of the memory card used for shooting 4K image quality, and only supports the storage of TF card U3. Card To ensure that you can shoot high-quality 4K videos, please use the SD card recommended below.


Q: How long does it take to charge the battery?

A: Shut down and charge for about 90 minutes. The green light indicates that the battery is fully charged. It is recommended to use the SEABIRD seat charge to extend battery life and charge more fully.


Q: How long can a 64G memory card be recorded?

A: Depends on the resolution and number of frames of the video. For example, a 64G memory card in 4K@30fps mode can store about 135 minutes of video.


Q: How long does the SEABIRD camera battery support 4K recording?

A: In the 4K/30-frame video recording mode, the battery can work for about 100 minutes when the charger is fully charged.


Q: How do two phones connect to one camera at the same time?

A: At present, the SEABIRD sports camera does not support this function temporarily. A camera can only be connected to one mobile phone at the same time. After the first phone and the SEABIRD camera are disconnected, other phones can be connected to the camera.


Q: The camera WIFI icon is bright. Why can’t I search for hot spots on the APP?


  • Make sure the camera’s WiFi switch is turned on;
  •  Please confirm whether the WLAN function of the mobile phone is normal.

If you still can’t find it, please restart the camera and connect.


Q: How do I download videos and photos from my camera to my phone?

A: Click on the “picture” logo on the left side of the APP interface, click “Select” and select the video or picture to download.


Q: Why the memory card logo appears on the app interface blinking?

A: Please check if the camera has a memory card installed. If an SD card exists, re-plug the SD card. If the SD card is still resolved after inserting it, please confirm on the computer whether the SD card can be recognized and used normally.